Buy steel fuel jerry can? First read our buying tips.

If you are looking for a durable jerry can for intensive use, you will soon end up with the steel fuel jerry can. A good choice, provided you choose a good quality copy.

With more than 10 years of experience and various test studies, we at Jerrycanshop know that the quality difference between different providers is large. There are even (reputable) suppliers who offer unapproved jerry cans. These jerry cans are of mediocre quality and not safe enough for the European market. In the event of unexpected accidents, police checks or calamities, this can sometimes cause problems.

We are happy to help you make a good choice with the help of the points below.

UN quality mark
Fuel jerry cans must be UN approved. This quality mark shows that the manufacturer has had the jerry can tested by an independent party and that the strict product requirements are met. The UN quality mark starting with UN 3A1 must be pressed into the jerry can and not just printed on the label.

Unfortunately, checking the UN quality mark is no longer sufficient nowadays. We are aware of cases where the manufacturer squeezes a fictitious code into the jerry cans. This while no independent approval has taken place at all. When in doubt, always request the UN certificate.

Steel fuel jerry cans are very sturdy and ideal for intensive use. However, keep in mind that there is a difference in the material that is used. In our opinion, the best weight-quality ratio is achieved when 0.8 mm sheet steel is used. Then a 20L steel jerry can weighs 4kg empty and is still reasonable to handle when fully filled. If a 20L steel fuel jerry can weighs less than 4kg, you often have to deal with a thinner wall thickness. These jerry cans are not strong enough and feel like a tin.

The weak points in the construction of a steel jerry can are the welds and weld points. Therefore, check carefully whether the jerry cans offered have proper welds and welding points. A weld that is too thin makes the jerry can vulnerable, resulting in leaks.

The jerry can must have a fuel-resistant coating on both the outside and inside. This is difficult to verify from information presented online. It is therefore our advice to shine a light into the jerry can when you receive the jerry can. If you see bare steel, even if it's just small spots, send the jerry can back immediately. You don't want rust in your fuel.

A steel jerry can must also be safe. A locking pin for the bayonet fitting should therefore not be missing. This pin ensures that the jerry can remains tightly closed in the event of a fall or building up pressure.

If you buy at Jerrycanshop, you buy from the specialist with expertise. We don't burn our fingers on unsafe jerry cans of mediocre quality. The steel fuel jerry cans in our range are from YATES from the UK. Other brands we have good experiences with are Gelg and ValPro.

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